What is better to buy a hard mattress or a soft? It depends on how you sleep

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Do you buy a mattress at random? You should pay attention to how you sleep the next time you go to buy a new mattress.

The “Your Safety Program”, an initiative of the Gulf Health Council, explained on Twitter that the type of mattress should be purchased based on the way you sleep.

  • sleep on the back

If the mattress is floppy, not firm, it can put pressure on the spine, resulting in tiredness and fatigue upon awakening. Therefore, a slightly firm mattress is recommended to prevent weakness in the back muscles.

  • side sleep

In this position, body pressure is focused on the shoulder, hip, or thigh. It is recommended to choose a medium-soft mattress to avoid excessive pressure.

  • Sleeping on the Tummy

It is preferable to avoid this position when sleeping. A firm and firm mattress is recommended that maintains the level of the body and prevents suffocation.

  • Sleeping in multiple positions

It is preferable to choose a mattress that fits more than one usual position during sleep. It is necessary to make it easy for you to move, and to be commensurate with the length and size of the body.

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