What is Brut, the media to which Emmanuel Macron will give an interview?

An online media that broadcasts videos on social networks, Brut was founded in 2016 by Guillaume Lacroix and Renaud Le Van Kim. These co-founders wanted to make an offer “For young people”, a successful bet since Brut is very popular on social networks by those under thirty.

Short format videos, live commentary

To date, Brut has more than six million followers on Facebook and claims 250 million viewers per month. The medium stands out by offering short videos, which can be watched quickly and easily on a mobile phone: the success is immediate. It also differentiates itself with subjects aimed at young people and which speak of feminism, ecology, minorities …

Brut’s treatment of news stands out from the so-called “traditional” media. Thus, the journalist Rémy Buisine, who joined the team at the end of 2016, offers a new format to cover the events. He goes to the Nuit Debout or Yellow Vests gatherings to film and broadcast the events live, while giving information to the public. He is one of the journalists who will question the Head of State on the current events, Friday, December 4, at 4 p.m.

A challenge for Emmanuel Macron

By addressing this medium, the president seeks to reach a younger audience, which does not necessarily watch television and is informed on social networks. Brut said in a statement that the interview will address the main topics that “Interest young people today” : secularism, identity, the “Covid generation” and ecology.

The issue of police violence will also be raised, while Rémy Buisine was thrown to the ground by the police on November 23, 2020, while he was covering the evacuation of a migrant camp by the police, place de the Republic, in Paris.

→ MAINTENANCE. “Journalism tends too much to favor controversy and the negative”

This is not the first time that Emmanuel Macron wants to get closer to a young audience. In 2017, he replied to the online media Konbini and he was interviewed in May 2019 by YouTube journalist Hugo Travers, of the HugoDécrypte channel.

The interview on December 4, which was postponed by 24 hours due to the death of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, should last between 1:30 and 2 hours. The public will be able to ask questions live on social networks, they will be relayed to the Head of State. Brut will then broadcast questions and answers on Snapchat, another popular social network among young people.


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