What is ‘griffing’ in Rust? Learn about the most toxic behavior in the game

What is ‘grifar’ in Rust? Players who are just trying this title wonder, and have no idea what strange language those who enjoy it speak.

Here it should be noted that every time a game becomes popular, it generates a community around it. To talk to each other it is not uncommon for them to use their own terms. To cite an example, due to the popularity of Among Us, the verb ‘funar’ charged relevance in the eyes of many people.

Find out what grifar is in Rust and what it implies

Something similar is happening with the work of Facepunch Studios, which curiously came out in 2018. It is the same year it was published Among Us of InnerSloth, without pain or glory.

Something similar happened to Rust, since it is in 2021 when it commented to become relevant, thanks to the fact that several streamers and youtubers they took it up again. But returning to the topic, it should be noted that the term ‘grifear’ it is not something new. In fact, it appears to have been around for several years.

Rust would be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

It comes from the English word grief, what does it mean pain O heaviness. According GamerDic, the player who practices the grifear is he griefer, and the closest word is toxic.

So he’s a wretch who just wants to spoil everyone’s fun. Is someone violent who plays online just to ‘annoy, irritate, humiliate and harass’ to others. Especially the members of his team, ‘playing in a chaotic way, stealing objects, attacking their companions, etc. ‘.

Suffering from constant bullying is very annoying

Now what is tapping on Rust exactly? Then destroy the structure of another player, kill him and keep his belongings. This has to do with the gameplay of this title.

If you have played it, you will know that it is necessary to obtain resources to survive. Among them cloth, in addition to the wood obtained from cutting down trees and the food resulting from hunting animals. It is based on the above that clothes, weapons and other useful objects are made.

But you can also get products already manufactured, with which to arm and equip each player’s base. Because of this, the worst thing that can happen to someone is that a griefer come in and destroy everything you’ve so painstakingly accumulated.

However, it is in a way much more toxic than normal. In fact, some servers of this game are forbidden this practice, because it really spoils the fun of the players.

What is 'griffing' in Rust?

So if someone turns to griffeo against you in Rust, the best thing is that you stay away from it, report it or look for another server.

Obviously, we are not referring to that player who kills another in the game, and gets what they keep. It is the one who after doing so incurs harassment and with the sole desire to ruin the experience of this title.

But this type of behavior is not unique to this adventure. There are those who love toxicity.

Rust at the moment it is only available in PC, but this year it should come out in Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



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