what is known about the new government

Former head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, gave his final consent to head the country’s new government. The swearing-in ceremony for the Prime Minister and Ministers will take place on Saturday 13 February.

Seven government ministers Giuseppe Conte retained their posts. The average age of the new Cabinet is 54 years old, Mario Draghi is the oldest of them, he is 73 years old, writes the Republic.

75% of Draghi’s cabinet members – 18 out of 24 – come from the northern regions of Italy, eight of them from Lombardy. The central part is represented by two politicians, the rest are from the south. At the same time, there is not a single representative of the islands in the new Italian cabinet.

There are 23 ministers in total, and eight of them are women, as under the Conte government. 15 representatives of the new cabinet of politics, and eight – “technicians” responsible for justice, technological innovation, economy, environment, infrastructure and transport and education.

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