What is known so far of the murder of Fatima, the seven-year-old girl in Mexico

Fatima was taken from the door of her school. On Tuesday, February 11, the seven-year-old girl was left alone after finishing classes at Enrique Rébsamen Elementary School, south of Mexico City and four days later she appeared dead on a nearby dirt road. The case has raised the anger of Mexican society in the midst of a crisis over the murders of women in the country.

Shortly after 6:30 p.m. Fatima Aldrighetti left class with her classmates and stayed a few minutes alone waiting for her mother to come to pick her up. When it arrived, 15 minutes later, the girl had already disappeared. Surveillance cameras in the area show that it was a woman in her 45s who kidnapped her. In the images you see how he takes her hand by several nearby streets, then climbs into a white vehicle and finally enters with it in a house.

The girl had left school with the school uniform, but the woman dressed her in a white t-shirt and green pants. It was the last place where she was seen alive. In the house lived five people who have declared as witnesses. The owner of the white vehicle has also been located and statement has been taken according to the prosecution, but there are no detainees at the moment.

Four days after the disappearance they found the body of the little girl inside a plastic bag just two kilometers away from the school. For now the reason for death is unknown, but the Attorney General of Mexico City, Enrnestina Godoy, denied that the motive for the murder was organ theft, as the residents of the area had denounced, Colonia Colonia Santiago Tulyehualco in the Xochimilco mayor’s office. “Do not throw any of this necropsy

Research is now focused on finding the woman who took the girl, whose portrait has been published by the prosecutor’s office, which offers a reward of about 100,000 euros to whom you provide useful information about the case.

The death of Fatima has outraged Mexican society, who last week protested in the streets for the horrendous murder of young Ingrid Escamilla at the hands of her partner, who stabbed her and threw parts of her body through the toilet.

In Mexico 10 women killed every day, according to official data, although only one third are considered femicides, which have still increased from 411 in 2015 to 1,006 in 2019. In the case of children killed, in the same years there is a decrease from 193 to 191, according to data collected by Reuters, but femicides, the murders committed by the status of women of the victims, increased from 50 to 98.

After picking up the girl’s body the family reported that the authorities did not do enough to find her. From the beginning there were many irregularities, attention was not paid correctly, ”said the uncle of the minor at the exit of the coroner.

If Fatima is not with us today, it is because the protocols that were to be followed were not followed. It is not possible that so many days have passed and that the family had to give all the cluess, ”said Sonia López, aunt of Fatima.

The maternal grandfather, Guillermo Antón Godínez, affirmed that authorities told his daughter that they could not start the search in the first 72 hours later of his disappearance. Although the prosecution indicated that an amber alert was issued for the disappearance of the girl on the same day that relatives reported she was not. In the last 24 hours, six similar alerts have been issued for the disappearance of minors in Mexico City.

The mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum recognized that there was a “chain of negligence” throughout the process, “from school, the first complaint and there must be consequences and above all justice.”

Mexico is experiencing a deep crisis of violence that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has failed to stop in his first year of government. Last year was the most violent since there are records with 34,582 violent homicides.

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