What is Microsoft’s Windows Hello authentication system?

Authentication systems play a major role in a Electronic security. It serves to confirm the identity of the user when performing sensitive operations such as logging in or paying online. Without a doubt, Windows Hello is one of the most prominent of these systems.

Microsoft’s authentication system, Windows Hello, authenticates and validates a user’s identity within a secure connection. This feature is available on Windows devices.

The authentication system replaces traditional passwords. It can come in the form of a fingerprint sensor, an iris sensor, or based on facial recognition technologies. Besides, it offers a better and smoother user experience.

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Microsoft Windows Hello Authentication System

Authentication systems offer an excellent alternative to traditional passwords. Especially since it suffers from major problems that may cause security holes.

One of the main problems with traditional passwords is that users tend to use easy-to-remember passwords, or use the same password on more than one platform or service. But with the presence of authentication services, the user can choose difficult and complex passwords, especially since he does not need to type them constantly.

Indeed, a number of companies rely on authentication systems as an alternative to passwords. Like Apple, which relies on facial or fingerprint recognition, and all Android phone manufacturers.

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Windows Hello plays a major role in this sector. It is the main authentication method on Windows computers.

The system relies on creating a three-dimensional model of the user’s face in the case of reliance on facial recognition technologies, or on the iris fingerprint if it is chosen as a means of authentication. While the fingerprint remains the easiest method.

The system relies on a security protocol known as FIDO, which was established in 2014, which allows providing additional layers of protection when logging in based on that service. FIDO develops over 250 companies including PayPal, Lenovo, and more.

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And Windows Hello started to spread little by little, until Link To 150 million active users around the world in May 2020. The system needs specific hardware specifications in order to function. Usually it comes in laptops of the leading category.

The system does not directly compete against any other system, as it is completely exclusive to the Windows operating system. But it has indirect competitors like Apple’s Face ID, and Samsung’s facial recognition technologies. While it shares a positive aspect with these systems, the authentication data is saved on the device and not on external servers.

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