What is Signal? The application recommended by Elon Musk

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“Use Signal”, in one tweet, Elon Musk managed to bend Facebook on its new targeting policy with Whatsapp. We invite you to learn more about this independent application which is now used more and more.

Born in 2018, Signal was downloaded over 32 million times, after Sensor Tower. It’s a free app developed by the US company Signal Messenger and funded by Signal Foundation, an organization for non-profit.

Maximum security:

Signal allows its users to communicate (voice and video calls, text messages or media) in a encrypted and secure in order to ensure a maximum confidentiality to its users.

Classic features:

Its ergonomics and functionalities (voice messages, calls, gifs, sending files, etc.) resemble those of its mainstream competitors. As on WhatsApp, Signal also offers several very practical features, such as read receipt, and the ability to react to a particular message.

Expected novelties:

Some additional features should also significantly improve the user experience, starting with ephemeral messages and the possibility of automatically blur faces from the video editor.

An application that makes the difference:

Unlike mainstream applications, like WhatsApp, conversations are fully encrypted there, and user data is protected. Signal was therefore designed to be as secure as possible while offering a ergonomics accessible.

Signal is strongly recommended:

The alert launcher American Edward Snowden says he uses Signal every day; the end-to-end encryption offered by this application is, according to him, the best way to counter the massive surveillance programs he has revealed. In 2020, the European Commission recommends the use of Signal to its staff for communication with people outside the institution.

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