What is the Colorado Red Flag Law? Mother files lawsuit against the police who killed her son

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A mother recently initiated proceedings under the new Red Flag law in Colorado against the police officer who shot her son in 2017.

Susan Holmes filed a petition to protect against extreme risks against Colorado State University police officer Philip Morris on January 9, according to 9News. A hearing is scheduled for January 16 to determine whether Morris’ firearms will be taken away from him.

Colorado’s “red flag” law came into effect on January 1, allowing family members, law enforcement or residents to remove someone’s weapons “if a judge considers them a threat to themselves or others.” ”According to the Colorado native.

Holmes wrote in her petition that “Phil Morris used his firearm to ruthlessly and violently threaten and kill 19-year-old Jeremy Holmes,” said 9News.

She wrongly claimed that she was “family or household member” by saying that she “had a child with Morris,” the Colorado native said.

Holmes told KDVR that she wanted to argue that she had a different interpretation of what it means to have a child in common, Fox 40 reported.

Police told Jeremy to drop the knife he had “over 40 times” in his hand before two police officers shot him in July 2017, the Colorado native said.

Holmes claims her son has had a “severe drug reaction to cannabis THC” that resulted in suicide, the Colorado native reported in November 2017.

District Attorney Clifford Riedel found that the shootout was “clearly justified,” according to Fox 40.


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