What is the glycemic index of food

Knowing the glycemic index of food is essential for people with diabetes. It is also a landmark in the daily menu of those who want to lose weight.

Blood sugar is the level of blood sugar. The glycemic index is an indicator that classifies foods according to the increase in blood sugar after consuming them. All foods that contain carbohydrates (blood carbohydrates) increase blood sugar, some less, some moderately or more. Once the sugar reaches the bloodstream, the pancreas begins to produce insulin.

The higher the glycemic index of food, the more insulin will be produced. This hormone will suddenly lower your blood sugar, which also explains the need for something sweet that many feel.

If the glycemic index is low, the insulin released will be reduced and the appetite will be rarer. For this reason, those who want to lose weight should include in their diet foods with medium or low glycemic index, in order to reduce the amount of sugar consumed.

Essential indicator for those with diabetes

The diet of diabetics is extremely strict, in which foods should be weighed and consumed only in certain ways and combinations, which do not increase the glucose in their content. Foods with a high glycemic index cause disorders of the body’s insulin levels, which can be dangerous for diabetics.

For example, carrots should be eaten raw because, by boiling, their glycemic index increases. But not only the preparation is important, but also the quantity. Although carrots contain few carbohydrates, they have fructose, and a glass of carrot juice, be it natural, leads to high blood sugar. Therefore, people with diabetes should mainly eat foods with as low a glycemic index as possible.

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