What is the most formidable position for the penis?

Certain positions of the Kamasutra are more perilous than others, in particular concerning the risk of fracture of the penis. But they are not necessarily the most acrobatic! A British emergency physician, Dr Karan Raj, who is closely followed on Tik Tok, explains that half of penile fractures are caused by the so-called “inverted horse” position. In this position, the woman straddles her lover but looks towards his feet. The emergency doctor does not hesitate to speak of “the most dangerous position in the world” because during the act, the penis can slip and be crushed by the body of the woman, leading most of the time to a fracture of the penis.

Andromache’s position is risky too

A Brazilian study published some time ago in the scientific journal Advances in Urology had for her part pointed to the position of the Andromache, when the woman is placed above the man but she is looking towards him.

Based on data collected from the emergency departments of three hospitals in São Paulo (Brazil), this study found 42 cases of “coitus missteps”, or penile fractures, in men between 18 and 60 years old. “Our hypothesis is as follows,” explain the scientists. “When the woman is on top, she controls the movement with the weight of her body which rests entirely on the erect penis. She cannot stop the movement when the man’s cock is entering the wrong way because ( …)

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