What is the only team that has NEVER played the MLB World Series?

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The 2021 World Series is about to begin. It will be the 117th edition that will put the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves, which between them add four titles of MLB with one for Texas achieved just in 2017 and three for Georgia’s ninth, which has not won the trophy since 1995.

While all eyes will be on Astros and Braves To know who will be the next champion, there is a curious fact that you should know because Of the 30 franchises that make up the Major Leagues, only one has not played the World Series, belongs to the American League and twice had the New York Yankees as executioners.

What team has never played the World Series?

Speaking only of the teams that still exist in the majors, the Seattle Mariners are the only ones who never made it to the Fall Classic since its founding in 1977, in whose history it has had extraordinary players such as Ken Griffey Jr, Randy Johnson, Ichiro Suzuki and Félix Hernández.

The Sailors they have stayed three times to shore on the American League Championship Series, two of those against the Yankees in consecutive years (2000 and 2001), while his first disappointment in that instance was in 1995 against the Cleveland Indians who, curiously, would lose the World Series that year to the current finalists Atlanta Braves.

Teams that only played one World Series

As luck changes for the Mariners, who in 2021 had a 90-72 record and were only two wins away from playing the Play-In game in the American League, let’s remember that there are also novenas who live from a single appearance at the peak of MLB.

  • Milwaukee Brewers (1982). Their only appearance in the Fall Classic – then in the American League – they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals. They are one of six teams today that have never achieved the ring of monarchs in the King of Sports.
  • Arizona Diamondbacks (2001). The franchise was founded in 1998 and in just three years, at the beginning of the new millennium, they won the championship against the New York Yankees, who are the ninth most successful in the history of the majors.
  • Los Angeles Angels (2002). A year after the D’Backs triumph, another debutant team on the big stage of the Majors lifted the title in their, so far, only appearance. The Angels made their MLB debut in 1961 and waited 41 years for the historic moment.
  • Colorado Rockies (2007). The team that was put on the map in Mexico thanks to Vinicio Castilla, who appeared in the majors in 2003 and whose lone World Series run ended in a sweep against the Boston Red Sox.
  • Washington Nationals (2019). The formerly known as Montreal Expos – who under that nickname were never in the title dispute – faced the Houston Astros and prevailed in seven games, with pitcher Stephen Strasburg the MVP and Max Scherzer his other ace of the league. rotation.


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