What is the relationship between chlorine levels in swimming pools and corona symptoms?

A new study concluded that swimming pool water mixed with chlorine may increase the severity of the symptoms of the emerging corona virus.

According to the American “Study Finds” website, the study said that high levels of chlorine in swimming pools may cause respiratory problems, including asthma, and increase the severity of symptoms in the event of infection with the Corona virus.

The website indicated, in a report published on Saturday, that these concerns are linked to the increased presence of by-products resulting from chlorine disinfection in swimming pools.

In the study, the results of which were published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, the scientists recommended using a process known as copper-silver ionization (used to disinfect and control bacteria) as a way to ensure chlorine is used at safe levels in swimming pools.

The site said that despite the fact that disinfection of swimming pool water is necessary, but it can react badly with the organic materials that the visitors of these baths enter into the water such as sweat, urine, sunscreen creams, or cosmetics, which leads to the formation of By-products, which are associated with many health problems including respiratory problems, bladder cancer, and complications of pregnancy and childbirth.


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