What is the secret of Vali Carnival’s success

Despite the income and popularity, the ghosts of the past still haunt the beauty blogger.

Vali Carnival has over 6 million Instagram followers. Photo: instagram.com/karna.val/

In November, the popular blogger Valya Karnaval will celebrate her 20th anniversary. But by her second big anniversary, she can already boast of being on the Forbes list (among the most expensive tiktokers), roles in clips of Yegor Creed and Basta, as well as in a TV series for TNT, work as a TV presenter on STS and a number of successful music tracks.

In a new interview, Valya told what the secret of her success is.

“I know how to set several difficult goals for myself at the same time and go towards them,” the blogger concluded with her formula.

When asked if she considered herself talented, Carnival replied yes – otherwise she would have failed.

“I have always supported the little girl with pigtails inside me, whispered to her:“ Everything will be fine, ”the magazine quotes Valya. Hello! – She dreams that yesterday is finally over and today will always last. For the past to release her completely. And so – everything is super. Much better than before, she calmed down. “

Carnival described herself as a girl who “achieved heights, but inside she remained the same as she was.” Namely, kind, sociable and sometimes naive. Valya noted that she has many acquaintances who, having started to earn good money, have changed dramatically. In herself, she did not see such changes and considers this to be her most important success.

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