What is the truth about Muhammad Assaf being infected with Corona for the second time?

Palestinian singer Muhammad Assaf announced that he had contracted the new Corona virus for the second time.

Assaf said: “He was infected with (Corona) for the second time last July, wishing to return to his work with strength and activity after the end of the (Corona) pandemic.

He added, “I was infected with the (Corona) virus twice, and I am still a little tired in the chest, I had a rehearsal yesterday and I was tired, and the choir sang a lot instead of me, but thank God today is better.”

It is reported that Mohammed Assaf’s latest work was the song “Palestine Enta Al-Rouh”, which was written by Sami Afana, composed by Mohammed Al-Mudallal, distributed by Mahmoud Ammar, and supervised by Anas Al-Najjar. .


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