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What is the truth of director Mohamed Sami Benjla Badr’s harassment?

Egyptian actress Naglaa Badr decided to break her silence, to respond to the news circulated by the pioneers of social networking sites by one of the girls, in which she claimed that Najla was harassed by director Mohamed Sami during the filming of the series “The Story of Life”, which was shown in 2013.

Najla Badr denied in media statements what has been reported, confirming that it is false news and contradictory to the truth, indicating that she has not been subjected to any harassment attempt, according to (her).

This news spread after a number of social media leaders circulated the testimony of a girl named Menna Fayed, alleging that Najla Badr was subjected to harassment while training for directing in the series “The Story of Life” in 2013.

Naglaa Badr criticized the girl’s novel, stressing that she searches for fame through it, but these rumors may cause her to be discredited as an artist in front of the public.

Najla Badr added, “There are people who want to lead the trend at the expense of others, just to search for fame, and they do not realize that such gossip may cause problems for artists and distort their reputation in front of their audience.”


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