What is the Water Cycle? Following are Activities that Affect the Water Cycle

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The following is a discussion of what the water cycle is, complete with the activities that affect it.

The science that deals with the water cycle is called hydrology.

According to Triatmojo (2009), hydrology is a science related to water on earth, both regarding its occurrence, distribution, distribution, its properties and the relationship to its environment, especially with living things.

The water cycle or hydrological cycle is the continuous circulation of water from the atmosphere to the earth and back to the atmosphere through the processes of condensation, precipitation, evaporation and transpiration.

Meanwhile, according to the book Hydrosphere Dynamics (2018) the water cycle is the motion of water rotation with water changing into various forms and returning to its original form.

The water cycle or hydrological cycle is divided into three, namely short cycles, medium cycles, and long cycles.

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Short Cycle

In a short cycle, seawater exposed to the sun will evaporate.

In the atmosphere, this water vapor will undergo a condensation process.

According to Triatmojo (2009), condensation is the process of cooling water vapor so that it sublimates back into water, ice or snow.

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