What is the WhatsApp clock that appears in your contacts for?

In the last days a new update of the application of WhatsApp and a clock has emerged in the contacts that perhaps many wonder what it works for, so we will tell you its purpose and how it works.

The most famous messaging application in the world remains firm in its desire to continue improving its operation for the best use of its users.

Among its latest news, WhatsApp now it has incorporated a clock that appears in the profile of your contacts, but now many are wondering what this new function is for.

The meaning of this clock is very simple, since now the application allows you to send temporary messages that self-destruct.

So if you are an active user in the application from Telegram, you may know what it is about, since WhatsApp’s competition has also used it for a long time.

The only difference with the Telegram application is that the Facebook application will allow you to send and receive messages that self-destruct after seven days, according to the specialized portal Wabetainfo.

Now when a user does not enter WhatsApp after seven days of receiving a temporary message, it will be automatically deleted and will only be visible through the notifications of the mobile device.

Another thing is that once you reply to a temporary message, it will appear as a quoted message when it has been deleted.

It is worth mentioning that these messages will be included in the backup copies of WhatsApp and the messages will be deleted at the time of the restoration.

These messages can be forwarded to a conversation with the tool disabled and the messages will be kept even though the original is destroyed.

In order to activate this new function, the first thing you have to do is update the application with its latest version already available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Then, you will have to enter the conversation that you want to activate the function and press on the name, then, select the option Temporary messages and then click on Continue, to finish, click on the On option.

On the other hand, after the update of the WhatsApp application, temporary messages land on the other Facebook applications, such as on Instagram and Messenger.

Both Instagram and Messenger they have made the messages temporary, only changing the name so that it offers a more youthful and carefree image, “Vanish Mode”.

With that title is the possibility of taking any chat that we have in one of the two social networks and delete everything that is written in them, so that there is no record from that moment.

We can consider this as a function of chats secrets much more worked than that of the WhatsApp application, since on this occasion, this elimination is carried out once what we have written has been read and vice versa.

Another of the recent new functions that the application is that WhatsApp had plans to bring its payment system to our country, with the aim of making in-app purchases a little easier and more direct, so from this past Tuesday the purchase button was incorporated for those businesses that use WhatsApp Business in Mexico.

So now when a user selects this button that simulates a store, they will be taken to the catalog of products or services offered by the business that uses the aforementioned application.

Similarly, this button will be available to all clients of WhatsApp Business worldwide, with the total objective of providing business customers with the possibility of knowing the products of each store in a much faster and easier way.

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