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Several media often report that smartphones are not safe. Even more new iphone 11 pro would have negative consequences on its holders. Interested in this issue, the American magazine Forbes did an analysis to see what it really is. The Californian laboratory RF Exposure Lab has done advanced testing on Apple’s smartphone. According to the firm, the iPhone 11 Pro emits twice as much radiation as the maximum authorized radio frequency limit (3.5 W / kg instead of 1.6 W / kg). The lab also called the Federal Communications Commission’s assessment methods obsolete.

A company that promotes the Gadget Guard brand

The American magazine went to verify this information, and noticed something else entirely. So, Forbes discovered that the analysis by RF Exposure Lab, was ordered by the company Penumbra Brands. This is defined as a society which is interested in “Products that improve the performance, aesthetics and lifespan of mobile devices”. Furthermore, on its internet platform, the company has the sole objective of selling the brand’s products Gadget Guard. This brand sells anti-radiation shells for smartphones.

Other tests performed

Moreover, Penumbra Brands draws attention to the iPhone and to the radio frequency limitations that the Federal Communications Commission has set, while stressing that the protective covers Gadget Guard are the only ones capable of reducing these radiations. Note, however, that the communications commission has carried out new tests which demonstrate that the iPhone 11 Pro has no harmful consequences for its users.

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