“What it takes to go through a pothole is patience to accept it”

If there was a black day expert certification exam, I would be willing to take it. I have been studying them for so long that I have the feeling that I could pass it without studying the syllabus. At least in my case, they arrive with almost the punctuality of a Swiss watch. Once every month. And analyzing them in detail has allowed me to learn how to manage them. This is the recipe with the medicines to overcome them.

Medicine one. When you go through a Black Day, you will feel like a lion that roars, kicks, complains about the state he is in and even wants to throw his whole life away. That day, retrieve this Step, read it several times and take it as a tranquilizer to inject that lion to turn him into a kitten.

Why? Because the lion represents fury. The cat, the calm. And on days like this, your medicine comes second.

medicine of. Hold back your desire to do something drastic to end your situation and just don’t do anything. This is the only point in the book where doing nothing is smarter than doing something. Doing nothing on a day like this is complicated, because when you are desperate, what you want most is “action”, and depending on how black the N-day is, you will be taken over by the desire to make decisions about your life, your future and even your present and find a solution. Fight that urge, and whatever happens, don’t jump to conclusions from anything. Taking them out on an N-day is like taking them out when you’re drunk. Your ability to discern is temporarily impaired. Be aware of this in order to postpone making decisions until after your hangover.

Punching raindrops doesn’t make it stop raining. If you want it to lose its strength, just accept it

Medicine three. Fill yourself with acceptance.

-I can not believe it! It just started raining! What rage!

-I’ve got a solution.


“Take a step forward.

-You’ve gone mad?

“Take a step forward.

“But I don’t have an umbrella!”

“Take a step forward.

“I’m going to get soaked!”

-Do it.

-I’m getting wet.

—Give another.

-This is ridiculous.

—Give another.

“Why do you ask me for this?”

“Because you just solved your problem.


“The rain only affects those who are not wet.” And that is not your case.

Our friend could get a thousand drops on the way home and not a single one could make his situation worse, since he is already soaked. The rain has run out of steam. That is the power of acceptance as a remedy for despair. You accept the problem and the problem loses its power.



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