What it will be?Final candidate of the ruling party South Korean presidential election, Mr. Lee Jae-myung of oversized scandal changed from “anti-Japanese justice” to the rumor of “baramaki politician” (1/3 page) –zakzak: Yukan Fuji official website

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What it will be?The ruling party’s final candidate, South Korean presidential election, oversized scandal Lee Jae-myung changed from “anti-Japanese justice” to the rumor of “baramaki politician”
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In the primary election of the ruling party for the South Korean presidential election in March next year, Governor Lee Jae-myung and Gyeonggi-do will be the winners for the time being. However, it is still unclear whether Sunnari and Governor Lee will stand in the election campaign in March as official candidates for the ruling party.

This is because there is an oversized scandal related to new city development.

Depending on the intention of President Moon Jae-in, a high-ranking official criminal investigation office (public investigation office) called “Korean Gestapo” will move. If the public investigation office filed a case with Governor Lee, the ruling party’s party rules would not be expected. In the turmoil of the ruling camp, former party representative Lee Na-gyung, who is the confidant of President Moon and second in the primary, may emerge.

According to the rules of the Korean ruling party, if there is a candidate who has won the majority of the votes in the primary election, he will not immediately vote for the 1st and 2nd place as a “presidential candidate”. There is.

Governor Lee’s cumulative turnout is 50.29%. It reached a majority, albeit a small amount. In response, the camp of former party representative Lee is fiercely disagreeing.

In the process of primaries, if the votes of candidates who declined to give up are considered as “invalid votes”, it is 50.29%, but if it is calculated as valid votes, it is 49.32%, which is less than the majority. Therefore, it is insisted that the first and second place final votes must be held.

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