What Mbappé achieves at PSG is “dazzling” assures Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel is a regular at the Parc des Princes and a great supporter of PSG since always. In an interview for Ouest-France this Sunday, he revealed his passion for football and sport. “My first emotion is the World Cup 70, the return of the king and the coronation of Pelé. The following year, I discovered Ajax and Johan Cruyff. He will become my idol, my master, my reference, both in his attitude and his thoughts on the game. I had his posters all over my room. I didn’t miss a thing, I even got an Ajax jersey. It contrasts with everything that existed until now. It’s total football, where everyone plays at all positions. We move forward and backward together. Cruyff is extremely elegant. He’s a great scorer and an excellent playmaker. For me, it’s a real passion. I met him once and he gave me his Barcelona shirt. The 14 is a number that goes with me everywhere. In his dressing room, two cushions, which never leave him, bear the numbers 1 and 4.

“We forget his age, the speed at which everything happened, the super star status that he has and that he does not claim”

When asked whether there were players who fascinated him as much as Cruyff today, the singer answered without hesitation Kylian Mbappé. “He does not play in the same position, but he is also a genius and you have to know it”, considers the singer who then embarked on an ode to the PSG striker. “We do not realize what he has already brought to French football, namely a World Cup, already in 2018. What he achieves at PSG is dazzling. We forget his age, the speed at which everything happened, the super star status he has and does not claim. I met him at the Restos du cœur and he’s a generous, responsible, energetic boy who gives of his time. “

Bruel also mentioned Messi: “I am lucky to go to a stadium where there is Lionel Messi (laughs). I am very happy with his arrival. We will give him time and his detractors will say “ Oh yeah anyway “. When he scores against Manchester City he’s in the right place at the right time. He will be there in the important games. “

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