What moment of danger did your son experience and what did he say about that situation?

Laura Acuña has shown that she is a very careful woman when seeking protection for her family, such as when avoided going to a Carolina Soto party for prevention.

The main reason for the presenter’s attention is her son, Nicolás Kling, little boy who was born on July 8, 2019product of his relationship with businessman Rodrigo Kling.

However, the model from Santander, who recently received praise from Alejandra Azcáraterecounted a situation in which her little one was at risk at home.

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Laura Acuna: what moment of danger did your son experience and what did he say about that situation

The presenter told from your personal Instagram accountwhere he has more than 4 million followers, how was the fact that he feared for his child.

“The scare I just got is not normal. I’m still shaken. Do not trust that children are quiet. No matter how calm they are, they are still children and dangers are around every corner, don’t let them get lost for a minute. Thank you, my God, ”she assured.

Acuña justified his publication with the intention that it serve as an example so that other parents do not neglect their little ones and confessed that the warning he gave his son to keep him from risk was very strong.

“What one believes is not dangerous turns out to be. I share this so it never happens to you. God bless you. PS: My scream from the other side was not normal, I had never screamed so hard in my life”, he concluded.

In her publication, the Santanderean also showed the video of how Nicolás was at risk when looking to climb on a balcony of the house in which they live.

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