What movies and series will be released in February 2021?

For the month of February, Netflix promises to have content that amuses and entertains its users. Productions like ‘Tribes of Europe’ or the documentary of ‘King’ Pelé, who recently expressed his happiness for his new movie, will be available in February.

These are some short summaries of some series, films and documentaries of the ‘streaming’ platform, which have been announced in the Netflix YouTube channel in Latin America.

Netflix: productions for the month of February

Drama productions on Netflix

‘Black beach’: This is the story of a “lawyer, with a great future, who is forced to immerse himself in his past after agreeing to mediate in a kidnapping, whose responsibility an old friend”. The movie is about an hour and 55 minutes long and will be released on February 3rd.

‘Malcolm and Marie’: A filmmaker and his girlfriend, after releasing their own movie, have to redefine their relationship after suffering accumulated tensions that lead to discussions and painful revelations. Its premiere will be on February 5th and lasts one hour and 46 minutes.

‘The dance of the fireflies’: from this February 3rd, you can see the romantic drama between two great friends, named Tully and Kate, who met in adolescence and have been together in favorable and adverse situations for more than 30 years.

Netflix: Comedy Movies

‘In loose boxes’: the February 15, in a Netflix original premiere, comes a series that chronicles the adventures of a united team of Nascar racing mechanics, who will have to deal with a new boss who appears to reorganize the garage and turn “their lives upside down.”

‘Love squared’: this time, “a famous journalist and inveterate womanizer doubts the decisions he has made in life when he falls in love with a mysterious model who leads a double life.” This funny story, which will premiere on February 11th, lasts one hour and 44 minutes.

Netflix Documentaries in February

‘Skin’: As the Brazilian star announced a couple of weeks ago, a documentary will be released on 23 of February on the platform, and will have interviews and exclusive content from the sports life of this great world soccer champion.

‘Dog training’: for pet lovers, the February 24th This story arrives that tells how a dog trainer, Jas Leverette, works with a diversity of “dogs and owners, in which no breed is too big for him.

Other Netflix productions in February

‘Tribes of Europe’: after a world catastrophe, “in 2074, three brothers set out to change the fate of Europe, divided by countless microstates vying for power”. This series will be released on February 19th.

In this video, found in the YouTube channel of Netflix Latin America, you can see more premieres with their release date:


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