What not to do after exercising

When it comes to losing weight, maintaining a good mental state and, in general, taking care of the body’s health, exercise plays an important role, but you have to follow some guidelines that experts explain so as not to make mistakes that can cause more discomfort than the same sedentary lifestyle.

In the portal better with health point out that the exercise has three phases: the beginning, the central part and the end; the latter is where the stretching is performed, an important factor to conclude the sports routine well.

When stretching is not performed, it can cause cardiovascular and muscular problems. “In addition, the concentration of lactic acid in the muscles favors the duration of fatigue and constant pain”, as they comment on the aforementioned website.

Faced with this error, specialists advise implementing a series of stretches with greater emphasis on the muscles worked, to increase relaxation levels and the heart rate progressively decreases.

A mistake that experts recommend not to make is the consumption of energy drinks after exercising. According to better with healthit is believed that these products contribute to the hydration process, but affect the body.

The stimulants in these drinks alter the nervous system and increase anxiety-related symptoms. The ideal is to drink drinking water, a habit that can be done right after finishing the exercise.

However, it is necessary to drink water in a controlled manner and the temperature of the water must be taken into account, in order to avoid other types of problems in the body.

According to what was mentioned above about hydration, in the portal Runtastic, you should consume about 30-35 milliliters for each kilo of body weight, in addition to 500-1000 milliliters for each hour of exercise that is performed.

Another misconception that many have when exercising is to maintain a fast. The ideal is to eat after performing the sports activity. It can be a snack about 30 minutes after exercise, which should be a combination of protein and carbohydrates.

The experts in Runtastic They also clarify that you should not go to the other extreme with food after exercise, as some people have a ravenous appetite, but eating in excess “can sabotage efforts to lose weight.”

Order and cleanliness are habits that also apply when exercising, so it is recommended to clean the training space, either at home or in the gym. It is not pleasant to find the weights thrown and messy in the gym. “You should always clean and disinfect the equipment and make sure that the weights are located where they were found,” they recommend on the website. Runtastic.

Another mistake when doing sports is avoiding movement for the rest of the day. Due to the fact of doing an exercise routine, the body cannot fall into a state of total stillness, on the contrary, the movement of the body must be maintained with small actions such as using the stairs and taking active breaks in the workday, are some of the expert suggestions.

Cleanliness is also essential, because toxins are released during exercise, the skin and scalp sweat and clothes come into contact with dirt on the floor and pollutants from the environment. That is why it is not advisable to end the training and stay in the same outfit all day.

This habit creates an environment conducive to the development of bacteria, bad odor and skin problems such as acne. Glamour.

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