“What people need to understand about the vaccine…” (Dr Mamadou Ndiaye, Director of Prevention)

The question relating to the vaccine against the Covid-19 is today subject to controversy. All over the world, there are populations who, even today, despite the devastation caused by the pandemic, remain hesitant and seem unwilling to be vaccinated. Dr Mamadou Ndiaye, Director of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, tried to convince his fellow citizens of the advantages of this vaccine which is waiting to be introduced in Senegal to curb contamination. He was the guest of the program ” Objection ” of the radio Sud Fm, yesterday Sunday. Show during which, he assured that these vaccines are a promising track.

“ I cannot say that this is the one and only (alternative), but I say that it is an extremely promising avenue in relation to the fight against Covid-19. Because for Covid-19, there is the preventive aspect, the care aspect which is there. Whatever we can do, there will always be sick people. We have to be able to take care of them properly. But as soon as a vaccine has arrived or is on the horizon, we say that in any case there is always hope. ”

On the vaccine, he is categorical: ” I said it earlier: it is a hope. Illness is care, it is prevention. But prevention is all these measures that have been recommended. It is distancing, washing hands, wearing a mask. This was all to prevent the virus from entering. (…). Today, in relation to this covid-19, I can say that there is hope. In less than a year or a year, we were able to have, all the same, vaccine candidates. Some stood out. Others are in the pipeline and will be released soon. They are credited with an efficacy which is equal to or even more effective than some vaccines in use around the world for a long time. We say once again that this is an initiative to be encouraged and that people must be ready to take a vaccine and believe in it. So as not to leave room for unfounded rumors. ”

Side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine can be …

To those who are not convinced, he gave recommendations and took the opportunity to discuss the potential adverse effects that may result from taking a vaccine. You always have to give someone credit for something. We have not identified any major serious adverse reaction which has been notified to us and which has been around the world since this vaccination started. But again, as we are still at the testing stage, I repeat, these vaccines which have been produced so far have been used nonetheless on fairly large scales. But what may be lacking today is the hindsight in the use of these vaccines. But compared to the populations exposed to these vaccines, we have still stirred large to have a certain number of critical effects. But so far we have not identified a major effect, ” reassures the vaccinologist.

Expert in the matter, he indicated that any product coming from a dispensary is likely to cause undesirable effects. People need to understand that these are normal effects compared to a vaccine, drug, or whatever. You go to any local pharmacy, you buy a medicine, you take out the leaflet, we will explain everything to you. And we will sometimes put undesirable effects. This means that there are a number of expected effects from each molecule or product, each drug or pharmaceutical product, there are a number of expected effects which may be minor or even serious which may be listed. Again people understand the principle of a vaccine. It is to introduce something into the organism so that it produces an effect. It is normal for the body to react a little. The reaction can be an allergy, a fever. So, this vaccine is to reproduce, in a certain way, effects that will stimulate immunity. Because you have to fool the body in a certain way, to make it believe that there is something new that has entered that must produce antibodies to fight against a possible disease. People have to understand it like that, ” insisted the Director of Prevention.

Dr Mamadou Ndiaye, during the broadcast signaled that ” the vaccine will be free in Senegal, in sufficient numbers. But he made it clear that sufficient vaccines will not be obtainable worldwide. ”


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