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President Iván Duque on Saturday made a harsh reference against the Venezuelan generals and said that Colombia, under no circumstances, will legitimize the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro or the elections this Sunday.

The president spoke at the dialogue Commitment to Colombia, Economic Reactivation, held in Ocaña, Norte de Santander.

Duque stated that elections this Sunday in the neighboring country they are an “operetta, a mockery of elections to take away the voice and expression of the only vestige that Venezuela has of democratic resistance, which is the National Assembly.”

“We are never going to legitimize that dictatorship, because the day we do so we will have lost all the democratic principles on which this republic is founded and that will not happen while I am the president of Colombia,” Duque said.

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The President made a harsh reference to the Venezuelan generals who are on the side of Maduro, who have been accused of forming the ‘cartel of the suns’.

In this sense, the Colombian head of state affirmed that “the ‘cartel of the suns’ is a bacrim” and that “they are the allies of the’ narcotalia ‘, of the Eln, who have it operating in the mining arc, of the’ caparros’, the ‘fluff’, of the ‘gulf clan’ and that is why we have denounced this internationally, “he said.

Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela.

At the same event, the president recognized Norte de Santander, a neighboring department of Venezuela, for having adapted to the situation and acknowledged its economic strength.

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He affirmed that until a few years ago the proximity of this region with Venezuela “developed in an environment of friendly, fraternal relationship with the neighbor, and we have been fraternal in receiving many of the migrants.”

“What we have seen of Norte de Santander, of adapting, of reinventing itself so as not to depend solely on the mood of a dictator, but to have its economy booming and to look at different places, is worth a lot to me,” he said.

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