What saints are celebrated today? Discover the saints on Saturday April 18

Saint Perfect is celebrated today, Saturday, April 18, 2020 according to the calendar of Christian saints, among other names.

He was born in Córdoba. He was an educated person, with knowledge of Arabic, who lived with the clerical community of the Basilica of San Acisclo. His martyrdom began when some Muslim acquaintances asked him for his opinion on Muhammad, promising that they would keep his answer secret. Perfect spoke to them of the divinity of Christ and denied Muhammad’s divine mission. They denounced him, he was arrested and during the interrogation he first denied having said those words, but then he took heart, repeated them and kept them. He was beheaded on April 18, 850

Today, Saint Perfect, the Catholic Church celebrates the name day of Antusa, Athanasia, Elpidio, Eusebio de Fano, Galdino of Milan, Hermogenes, Juan Isauro, Laisren de Leighlin, Molasio, Pusicio, Ursmaro de Lobbes. On this Saturday, April 18, 2020, he is known for San Perfecto and there are 1629 people who can celebrate this day.

Today, Saturday, April 18, 2020, there are many saints who celebrate on the occasion of this Christian tradition that is so intrinsic in our daily culture. Discover on ABC all the names of the saints that are celebrated just today.

Roman Martyrology is the name of the encyclopedia from which, today, all the names of the saints are obtained. This book is periodically updated, adding new saints after the canonizations carried out from the Vatican.

The day of the celebration of the saints has its origin in our culture thanks to the Catholic tradition that settled in Spain. But what does it actually mean to celebrate the saint? The Christian religion has taken each of the days of the year to remember (commemorate) those important Christians who also suffered the torture of those who repudiated the Catholic faith.

What saints are celebrated today April 18?
In the Catholic Church the number of saints, due to its great history, is very high, which is why several onomastics are commemorated on the same day. Today, April 18, people named Antusa, Atanasia, Elpidio, Eusebio de Fano, Galdino from Milan, Hermogenes, Juan Isauro, Laisren de Leighlin, Molasio, Pusicio, Ursmaro de Lobbes celebrate their saint thanks to:

He ordered
Eusebio de Fano
Galdino from Milan
Juan Isauro
Leighlin’s Laisren
Ursmaro de Lobbes
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