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What saints are celebrated today? Find out the saints day of Thursday March 26


San Braulio de Zaragoza is celebrated today, Thursday, March 26, 2020 according to the calendar of Christian saints, among other names.

He was born in 590, into a wealthy and very Christian family. He began his studies at the Zaragoza metropolitan monastery, where his brother was superior, finishing them in Seville. Back in Zaragoza, he was elected bishop of the city.

Today, 2835 are the people who will celebrate their Saint. The Catholic Church commemorates San Braulio de Zaragoza, on this Thursday, March 26, 2020. But, in addition, Baroncio, Bercario, Cástulo, Desiderio de Viena, Eutiquio de Alejandría, Máxima, Montano, Pedro de Sebaste are also important today. .

The day of the tribute of the saints has its origin in our culture thanks to the Catholic tradition that settled in Spain. But what does it actually mean to celebrate the saint? Catholicism has taken each of the days of the year to remember (commemorate) those illustrious Christians who also suffered the torments of those who repudiated the Catholic faith.

The saints that are celebrated today are collected in the Roman Martyrology and that is where they are officially extracted from. It is a catalog that the Vatican is updating to include the canonizations that take place every year.

Today, Thursday, March 26, 2020, there are many saints who celebrate on the occasion of this Catholic tradition that is so intrinsic in our daily culture. Discover on ABC all the names of the saints that are celebrated just today.

What saints are celebrated today March 26?
Although today’s celebration is San Braulio de Zaragoza, the saints are much bigger, so today their saint Baroncio, Bercario, Cástulo, Desiderio de Viena, Eutiquio de Alejandría, Máxima, Montano, Pedro de Sebaste are celebrating. This is because today March 26 is also the name day of:

Vienna Desiderio
Eutychius of Alexandria
Pedro de Sebaste
© Library of Christian Authors (J.L. Repetto, All Saints. 2007).


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