What saints are celebrated today? Meet the saint on Friday May 1

The Santoral Cristiano celebrates today, Friday May 1, 2020 the Saint of San José Obrero, among others.

Husband of the Virgin Mary. Carpenter of Nazareth, who with his work remedied the needs of Mary and Jesus and initiated the Son of God in the works of men. For this reason, on this day, when the labor festival is celebrated in many parts of the world, Christian workers honor Saint Joseph as their model and patron

Today, Saint Joseph the Worker, the Catholic Church celebrates the saint of Amador de Auxerre, Andéolo, Arigio, Asaf, Berta de Kent, Brioc, Grata, Jeremías, Marculfo, Orencio, Orencio de Auch, Paciencia, Peregrino Laziosi, Ricardo Pampuri, Segismundo , Theodardo, Teodulfo de Orleans, Torcuato de Acci. On this Friday, May 1, 2020, he is known by San José Obrero and there are 594,144 people who can celebrate this day.

From ABC we put at your disposal the entire list of the saints that are celebrated today because of this tradition so deeply rooted in the Catholic church and that makes the saints so extensive.

What is the significance of celebrating the saints in our day? For hundreds of years, the Catholic Church has set a day on the calendar to remember the feast day of each of the saints. In each of the 365 days that we find in a year we can remember the exemplary life of these Christians and whose testimony of faith continues to this day.

Roman Martyrology is the name that receives the list from which, today all the names of the saints are obtained. This book is periodically updated, adding new saints after the canonizations carried out from the Vatican.

Today’s name May 1
In addition to the commemoration of Saint Joseph the Worker, which we celebrate today, in the Catholic Church other names are commemorated. This is due to the large number of saints who, throughout the centuries of history, have earned this distinction. For this reason today, May 1, we also celebrate:

Auxerre Lover
Berta from Kent
Orencio de Auch
Laziosi pilgrim
Ricardo Pampuri
Theodulf of Orleans
Torciato de Acci
© Library of Christian Authors (J.L. Repetto, All Saints. 2007).

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