What series and movies leave the platform in February?

Movies to leave Netflix
Seven: The 7 Deadly Sins will be available until February 7

Just as Netflix uploads new titles every month, it also downloads others. The streaming service’s catalog is constantly changing and this month a total of 53 productions will leave the platform.

Generally, when titles leave the streaming service it is because the rights that Netflix paid for their reproduction have expired. So if the entertainment company decides not to pay for them, either because they didn’t do very well, these productions should leave their catalog.

Although the streaming service does not publish a month-by-month list of titles that will leave the platform – as it does with new releases – users can see when Netflix will delete them.

To verify the productions that will leave the platform, users must enter the name of the film or series and see if a legend appears indicating the date until which it will be available.

It is a cumbersome process. For this reason, below, the list of films and series that will soon be deleted and the date until which they will be available in Netflix.


Available until February 4

French Dirty

Available until February 5


Available until February 7

The 11th Hour

Seven: the 7 deadly sins

Available until February 8

Fast and furious (all the movies)


Available until February 20

Fake identity

Available until February 25

Without breasts, there are paradises

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