what to do in case of digestive disorders?

Digestive disorders are among the symptoms of Covid-19. As winter approaches, gastroenteritis is likely to multiply to the point that it could be difficult to differentiate the two viruses. Wednesday in the show “Without appointment” on Europe 1, doctor Jimmy Mohamed gives his advice in the event of the appearance of diarrhea.

Is diarrhea alone a sign of a Covid infection?

“The coronavirus can be considered the ‘Swiss army knife of viruses’ in that it generates a wide variety of symptoms. It attaches to receptors present in both the lungs and the digestive tract, causing respiratory problems as well as diarrhea and abdominal pain, but it is interesting to note that it is usually the older Covid-19 patients who experience only digestive symptoms.

Is it essential to isolate yourself?

In this period, the wisest behavior is to isolate yourself despite everything. Moreover, gastroenteritis are also viruses that can take severe forms in certain populations at risk. The best is to consult your doctor, by teleconsultation or directly to the office if it is not too crowded.

To be completely reassured, patients can also be tested. In 15 minutes, they can receive a rapid antigen test at the pharmacy. With your vital card, the test is fully reimbursed by social security.

How to treat digestive disorders?

For a few days, it is advisable to adopt the rice-banana-carrot diet, rich in potassium. Eventually, patients can opt for an anti diarrhea, but without abusing it so as not to block transit. Finally, you have to be very scrupulous about washing your hands and drinking plenty of water, dehydration being one of the main risks of severe diarrhea. “

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