what to remember from the presentation of Apple

The brand unveiled this Tuesday evening its new iPhone 13, available in four versions, as well as its new iPad, an iPad mini and the Apple Watch Series 7.

A lucky number? On Tuesday evening, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, supervitamin smartphones

The iPhone 13 Pro is intended to be both more powerful, more efficient … and both Pro and dedicated to video game enthusiasts. If the design of the new iPhone is very, very close to that of its predecessor, Apple has evolved its smartphone from the inside. As usual, the brand highlighted the capabilities of the various components of its phone, starting with that of its processor, A15 Bionic, its 5G chip, its brighter and more responsive screen.

Side photo sensor, Apple puts the small dishes in the big ones. Image capture, in all its forms, is further improved. More than ever, the brand is transforming its smartphones into a real pocket camera, with telephoto and ultra-wide angle. Not to mention the cinematic mode. Artificial intelligence can add more depth of field to shots. And to film until the end of the night, Apple has increased the capacity of its batteries, offering 1h30 more autonomy than the iPhone 12 Pro. To keep all these images, the storage capacity is increased to 128 GB at the entry level and can go to 1 Terra for those who wish.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini

The changes in the design of the iPhone 13 compared to the iPhone 12 are marginal. The rear cameras are always arranged in a square, but diagonally. The front camera is less and less visible, to offer a larger screen. But it is inside that the greatest changes are taking place. The battery is more powerful, the brightness of the OLED screen is improved. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini arrive with a new chip, A15. The opportunity for Apple spokespersons to embark on a new race for superlatives: faster, more powerful, more efficient, offering even more computing power and even improved image processing capacity. Just like the video capture thanks to the cinematic mode, which automatically focuses on people. What to play Professional in his living room. Especially since the battery life is improved, this time, we promise, it will last a whole day!

Unchanged prices

The new range of iPhones is on pre-order from September 17th for availability from September 24th.

The iPhone 13 mini came from $ 809, the iPhone 13 from $ 909, the iPhone 13 Pro from $ 1,159, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max from $ 1,259.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple has pushed the wall for its Apple Watch Series 7. The screen is enlarged, 70% brighter to provide better user comfort. Above all, the displayed text is longer, by 50%, to make it easier to read messages, but also to allow them to be written from the watch. Further information on health, activity can also be displayed. 45 minutes are now sufficient to acquire 80% autonomy. Five case colors are available, with an expanded range of bracelets. Note that the old bracelets remain compatible with the new case.

The connected watch is enriched with new functions for cyclists … but bad news for riders of electrically assisted bicycles: the calculation of calories burned while pedaling is calibrated to take into account the input of the motor. Its release date has not been communicated, “it will be sold later this fall at $ 399,” says Apple, leaving the door open to all speculation about possible production difficulties.

Fitness + arrives in France

Workouts and coaching from Apple’s Fitness + service will be available in more countries, including France! Classes, taught in English, will be subtitled. The sessions offered range from meditation to yoga, running or cardio sessions. Ski enthusiasts can train in their living room thanks to a dedicated program. Apple does not neglect any track to seduce its users.

The return of the iPad Mini!

We would have almost forgotten the smallest of the iPads, but the iPad mini is back in force with a larger screen, 8.3 inches, while keeping the same size, and a processor “40% more powerful” than that of its predecessor. And like on the iPad Air, it has a USB-C port, which allows it to be connected to more external accessories: cameras, or ultrasound machines for doctors, for example. The iPad mini is also 5G and compatible with the stylus (pencil). As it does everything like the big one, its price is too, from 559 euros and 729 euros for the 5G version. As for the choice of colors: pink, starlight, mauve or space gray. An entire program.

A faster iPad

For its new iPad, Apple has unsheathed a new chip, A13 Bionic, which makes it “6 times faster” than comparable Android tablets. The cameras have been improved, starting with the front sensor which goes to 12 million pixels to facilitate video conferences or adapt to distance education. The iPad is more than ever intended for productivity, with the possibility of adding a stylus or a keyboard, whether Apple or Logitech. It will be sold from 389 euros (529 euros for the GSM version) and will be available from next week for orders open today.

Apple TV +: movies and series

Tim Cook began his presentation by talking about Apple TV +. The subject was not the most eagerly awaited by the public, but this highlighting testifies to the group’s desire to establish itself among the greats of video streaming, with its own productions, series and a few films.

Sustainability and environment

Apple continues to promote the sustainability of its products and recalls using recycle and recyclable materials.


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