What to talk to your baby about?

Talking to your baby doesn’t mean you have to use short words or incomplete sentences. On the contrary, by using various words adapted to his age, you help him develop his language.

What to tell your baby?

At any age, children need to stimulate their language through what they hear in their environment. Since they tend to live in the present moment and it is difficult for them to project themselves into the past or the future, you can use sentences that comment on what he is doing or what you are doing at that time. .

This can be for example “you put the red block to put it on the green block and we are going for a tour”, or “I give you your yogurt with a spoon because it is snack time and you are hungry “. The idea here is to preferably make long sentences with precise words, talking about what interests your child at the time.

What are the pitfalls to avoid ?

In wanting to do well, we can sometimes have a tendency to use too simple or shortened words, or to make sentences without real conjugation or grammar with an exaggerated intonation, very often to attract the attention of the baby. However, as he is still learning at this age, he risks using these incomplete words or sentences later when he begins to speak.

This is why from birth it is best to speak to your child normally, even if he still has trouble using the right words or making complete sentences, he will gradually develop his language and diversify his vocabulary.

Find out more: “Talking for the little ones to listen” by Claire Seys and Joanna Faber, Editions du Phare.

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