What types of tracks are served by dispatching companies

All trucks in the dispatching industry consist of two parts: a cab and a trailer. The cab contains the driver, his belongings, his sleeping place, the engine, and other mechanisms. Various dispatching trailers can be attached to the cab depending on the type of cargo.

Vehicles used in the freight industry differ in size, capacity, functionality, and other characteristics. Dispatchers could match cabins and trailers to send the goods in a quality manner.

Light Trucks

Small loads are transported in vehicles with minor dimensions and carrying capacity. Dispatching companies choose to ferry around 14,000 lb using:

  • Hotshot,
  • Minivans,
  • Panel truck,
  • Cab-forward.

Hotshot dispatch service is used for transportation delivery of furniture, mail, equipment, building materials, and other small loads. They are fast and easy to maintain.

Medium Trucks

Medium-duty trucks are the most common vehicles in dispatch trucking companies. They transport bulky and heavy loads. In addition to vans and trailers, dispatching transport companies use flatbed trucks and box trucks. 

Flatbed dispatch service provides transportation for fragile and sensitive to weather conditions cargos. Trailers have completely flat bodies that are not sheathed by a hard shell that protects them from weather and other outer conditions. Goods are loaded from the back, sides, and edges.

Box trucks, unlike flatbed ones, have a closed body that protects the cargo from any hazardous outer elements while driving. Therefore, dispatching companies use them more often as they are suitable for transporting fragile, delicate items.

Heavy Trucks

For the transportation of oversized loads like building blocks, fittings, and others, dispatching companies use concrete mixers, mobile cranes, dump trucks, tractor units, etc. The most common type is refrigerators. They transport perishable goods like food, frozen products, flowers, or medications and keep the freshness of the cargo for a long time. 

A range of professional companies provides a power-only dispatch service to customers. They choose a suitable truck from the fleet to deliver the goods on time and without losses. The dispatching owner-operators find the best solution that meets the customer’s needs.

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