What was normal about the old normal?

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If words didn’t fascinate me, I was going to leave in my profession. They are, in my opinion, like a good game of mus, where the possibility of playing well does not come so much because of the cards that chance has dealt you as for the way in which you take advantage of them and of the environment in which you are playing to suggest, make think, manipulate and, if necessary, lie with them. And forgive the musical simile, but each one misses a different thing these days.

I love thinking in words, which is how most of us think. And I think that there are two ways of using language: one of them, the most common, is as a bunch of immovable rules to abide by in order to achieve correct communication of concepts, as I say, the most common use. So much so that, despite the fact that the RAE itself is fed up with saying that it limits itself to collecting the common uses of language and not to legislating them, most people continue to turn to their dictionary as the safeguard of essences, as one who goes to a verse to refute your possession of reason. And then there are those of us who treat language with less reverence and, nevertheless, with more depth, I think, considering it a living being in constant movement and, therefore, in constant change of posture.

These days I do not stop having conversations about that new term that has come to us, that combo obviously very thought of as the New Normal. I investigate and discover, first, that it is a term imported from the United States, like so many things, and that it is not a new term at all, apparently its roots are forged at business levels after the crisis of the end of the last century to explain to those affected that things must change to get out of it and come up with a new way of doing things in order to avoid repeating that situation. I also read that it becomes popular, again, in the United States after 9/11 when, aware that nothing will be the same, psychologists and sociologists apply the term as a balm to the society destroyed by the cruel attack, fabricating the image that, although nothing can be redone, they will recover a new situation in which they can feel safe and happy again. And, of course, it is fished now, increasing the concentric circles of its beneficial effects to the rest of the crowned world.

I hear his detractors say that the expression is crazy, although my poet is fascinated by the oxymorons

I hear his detractors say, with good reason, that on a semantic level it is nonsense. An oxymoron (although my poet is fascinated by oxymorons). I listen to conspiracy lovers that it is the way to steal our liberties as it was for them what happened after 9/11 in the United States and they may not be wrong either.

It is difficult for me to explain why I do like that term, surely it is because I understand it as a long-term term, when leaders around the world tell us that, starting from Phase 4, we will enter the New Normality I do not think they are trying to say that it will be that same day when it prevails, I think, I understand, that it will be when we can begin to exercise the new lifestyle that, based on custom, we will end up becoming the norm over the years as it seems normal to us that they do not let us board an airport with a bottle of water. The people of Madrid protested against the channeling of their houses because they wanted to continue maintaining the normality of throwing their feces through the windows as they had always done. The New Normality will not necessarily have to be good, but I, playboy, am taking the opportunity to answer a question: was the old normality really normal? Envido, gentlemen. .


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