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The continuation of the adventures of Tintin will indeed take place in the cinema. Despite the disappointing recipes of Secret of the unicorn , released in 2011, an “option” was signed at the end of the year for a second part.

At the microphone of France Info, Benoît Mouchart, editorial director at Casterman, said that, like the first adaptation, these new adventures would be brought to the screen by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. With all the same a slight twist to the key: Jackson, producer of the first, would wear this time the cap of director. “There are several tracks. It could be a mixture of Ottokar scepter and of The Calculus Affair», Underlined Benoît Mouchart. “When there is a trilogy in Hollywood, the second is a little darker, so the hypothesis of a Syldavian episode is likely.” Syldavia is this imaginary country of the universe of Tintin, located in the Balkans, in the east of Europe. However, in 2016, Spielberg said he wanted to adapt instead The Seven Crystal Balls and The Temple of the Sun for a possible sequel to Tintin.

In an interview with the American site Polygon at the end of 2018, Peter Jackson explained that after focusing on a scenario adapted from the Temple of the sun. All the same, the filmmaker reserved the freedom to choose from the “variety” of the stories of the little reporter, perhaps even taking inspiration from the numbers on the Moon. For his part, last May, actor Andy Serkis confided with enthusiasm to First , hope for a call from Peter Jackson: “I want to play Captain Haddock again!” Before adding: “The more people demand a sequel, the more likely it is to happen.”

On the books side, a long-awaited new and already mentioned in the past could finally arrive in bookstores. “I would very much like to publish this year, I do not despair of doing it, an unpublished, Tintin and Thermo-Zero », Launched Benoît Mouchart. “It’s really an interesting testimony, much more complete than the Alph’art. The story is over, the drawing is not fully inked ”. Hergé had started working on this legendary album for “tintinophiles” at the end of the 1950s, after his Tintin in Tibet . It will not go further than the sketch of the first eight plates.

The first board of Tintin in the land of the Soviets was published on January 10, 1929 in the Belgian Catholic newspaper The little Twentieth.

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