What will the weather be like in the Metropolitan Region on Tuesday, May 30? – On Court

2023-05-29 21:58:38

The icy days continue in the Metropolitan regionwith cloudy skies and desire to lie down and lie in bed, wrap up well to weather the cold.

After a week with quite low temperatures, The weather seems to be relentless, so it is important to take care of yourself and, if you are part of the population at risk, inoculate yourself against the different respiratory viruses that plague the capital even more on these dates.

So that you are prepared and know what the right clothes are to leave your house, today we bring you the weather that will be in Santiago this Tuesday.

Check how the weather will be in Santiago this Tuesday, May 30

Temperatures will drop again this Tuesday compared to yesterday, although not as drastically: the minimum will be on average in the 8 °, while the maximum in the 20 °.

This will not be the case in the eastern sector of Santiago, where the coldest moment of the day will be in the 6°two degrees less than in the rest of the Metropolitan Region.

The skies will be covered throughout the day in the capital, with partial cloudiness at night. For his part, for Wednesday it is expected that the thermometers continue to dropwith 6th and 19th grades on average.

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