What would Mexico be like if the United States had not appropriated more than half of its territory in the 19th century?

  • Luis Fajardo
  • HayFestivalQuerétaro @ BBCMundo

11 september 2017


Mexican pride was hurt by the territorial loss of the 19th century.

The loss of more than half of its territory to the United States is a trauma that has marked Mexico more than almost any other in its history.

But how much can the current economic condition of Mexico be explained by that national tragedy of more than a century and a half ago?

How different would Mexico’s economic fortunes have been if its national territory today included California, Texas and the other territories that it yielded to the American expansion of the 19th century? We investigated it as part of our collaboration with the Hay Festival de Querétaro that ended in that Mexican city over the weekend.

What was lost

What Mexico lost in the 19th century has, of course, become an emporium of wealth that dazzles the world. It is not for nothing that California is known as the “golden state” in the US.

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