What you missed about Luisa W’s video in her last weeks of pregnancy

A week that gave for everything, because that is the show. That’s why we want to start big and what better way than with Lina Tejeiro. And is that the actress every time she publishes something on social networks steals all eyes, first for her spectacular figure and then for the dubbing she makes of Tik Tok

Tejeiro left his followers stunned days ago, after he was seen crying very spontaneously on TikTok. The llanera earned several compliments where her followers affirm that she is a great actress.

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And if we are going to talk about wonderful situations in social networks, we cannot stop naming Luisa Fernanda W, who is a few weeks away to bring little Massimo into the world, Luisa Fernanda W, showed how her baby moves in her belly, this video impressed her fans, who let her know how eager they are to meet her son, the fruit of love with Pipe Bueno.

We love love, family, new homes that are being formed, like the one in Evaluna and Camilo, who moved into their home with all the style, as defined by the more than 260 thousand people who were able to enjoy a concert at the couple’s home, where they showed details of their kitchen, room, patio and places where they said they want to have many children . Long live love!

And love is worth in every way, even the one that comes from a land as beautiful as Medellín, if you don’t say so Maluma that he wanted to make it very clear that he does not forget where he comes from, that is why he decided to tattoo the word “Medellín” on his body with his date of birth. The paisa showed the result that, without a doubt, filled its Colombian fans with pride.

And we close with a flourish because RBD fans, hand up! On December 26, the Mexican group that conquered thousands of hearts around the world will meet again to give a great concert as a Christmas gift. But not everything is happiness, because apparently, it will only be Anahí Puente, Christian Chávez, Maite Perroni and Christopher Uckermann.

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