What you should know before deleting a message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has positioned itself as one of the preferred applications to send messages. The instant messaging app has become the favorite of thousands of people, due to the functions it offers.

One of the preferred features it offers is the option to delete messages. Since it was announced that WhatsApp would allow this action, users did not take long to download the new update of the application.

This is a function that allows you to delete specific messages that have been sent to an individual or group chat. A useful alternative in case of sending a message to the wrong chat or if the sent message has an error and needs to be canceled.

What you should know about the “Delete for all” option

The feature known as “delete for everyone” gained popularity in 2017, when WhatsApp introduced the ability to delete previously sent messages in a conversation.

In its early days, the “delete for all” option only gave users seven minutes to delete messages; as long as the receiver did not read the message during that period of time. Finally, the time to delete a message was extended to 60 minutes.

Currently, the FAQ section of the application advises that, for messages to be deleted successfully, the person sending the message and the recipient must be using the most recent version of WhatsApp. Otherwise it will not be possible to delete a message.

WhatsApp highlights that, although the messages can be deleted, the recipients will be able to see the messages in their notifications before they disappear. Therefore, the application suggests deleting the message as quickly as possible.

Similarly, the instant messaging application points out that recipients who use WhatsApp for iOS can automatically save the multimedia files sent to them, even after the WhatsApp chat message is deleted.

The WhatsApp web portal specifies that the user will only have about an hour after having sent the message to be able to delete it. And he adds that notifications will not be received revealing who read the message or if it was not deleted successfully.

In addition, before deleting a message on WhatsApp, the user must bear in mind that the legend “this message was deleted” will appear on the recipient’s device. Disclosing that a message was removed from the chat.

Finally, even if a message is successfully deleted, there are applications such as WAMR and WhatsRemoved +, among others, that allow you to read messages that have been deleted from a WhatsApp conversation. The applications make a backup of all the texts, so it does not matter if a message is deleted from the chat, the text will remain in the backup of these apps of the users who have them downloaded.

How to delete a WhatsApp message?

To delete a message previously sent on WhatsApp, the user must access the application and select the chat where they want to delete a message already sent.

Once inside the conversation, the user must select the message and hold it down until a series of options appear. Among the possible functions that WhatsApp will offer, you will have to press “delete” followed by “delete for everyone.”

In this way, the message will be deleted from the chat and will not be available in the future. However, for the messages to be deleted successfully, it is important that the user and the recipient have the WhatsApp application updated. For this reason, it is better that you review your messages very well before sending them, since there are several possibilities that the recipient does read what you deleted.


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