What you should never do if you see a car accident

The omission of relief to people in danger is included in article 195 of the Penal Code. The law, therefore, obliges to help anyone who is involved in an accident and is in danger. Unfortunately, according to Autocasión, it is very common that the only fatal victim of a traffic accident is someone who has approached the accident to help and ends up being hit by a third vehicle. This is due to two risk factors that coincide and add up.

For this reason, and now more than ever that the death of the coronavirus crisis has left enough fatalities, we detail several examples of what not to do:

-Do not follow the PAS advice: Protect (ourselves and the disaster area), Warn and Help.

-Flee the accident: The law requires us to provide assistance. If we do not, we are committing a crime, even though we have not had the slightest responsibility in the accident. In the case of having been involved in the incident, in addition to the omission of help, it is considered flight, which exacerbates the penalty.

-Remove the injured: If the person is unconscious or cannot move on his own due to being injured or trapped, no attempt should be made to remove him from the car. We must try to reassure her, the emergency has already been called and they know what they have to do when they arrive. Taking a person out of a car requires, in most cases, heavy tools that we will not have, so you should not try to do anything that you do not know for sure.

-Remove the helmet from a motorcyclist or cyclist: An injured motorcyclist or cyclist is never handled. Not even trying to knock him down in a certain position. Before moving an injured person of this type, key parts of the body (mainly the neck and spine) must be fixed to avoid worse injuries.

-Provoking a traffic jam: If there are already people helping, there is no need to stop. If there is an excess of people or cars, it is more difficult to achieve serenity, in addition to causing a traffic jam.

-Being morbid: Curiosity can be human and, when seeing an accident, most people stop to look at what has happened. These are moments of confusion and risk, but if there are already people helping the victim, you must keep your eyes on the road and continue the route. Chain crashes sometimes occur because of this type of behavior. .

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