What’s in Windows 11’s Optional September Update? (KB5030310)

2023-09-26 19:28:17

The optional August update (KB5030310) for Windows 11 was released today (26). Build 22621.2361 highlights the implementation of website recommendations in the start menu, which are based on browsing history, the correction of Calendar and iCloud Contacts, where Outlook cannot synchronize them correctly.

Windows 11: Optional End of September Update

August Update (KB5030310) for Windows 11 brings search fixes. Source: Oficina da Net

In build 22621.2361 of Windows 11, installed through update KB5030310, Microsoft brought important fixes and improvements. The biggest highlight of the optional September update are the various fixes to the search box, where there were problems with the display of tips and the search button when interacting with the search submenu box.

Other important changes were also applied, for example, the correction of a bug that affects Excel, where it stops responding when sharing a file as a PDF in Outlook.

There was also a fix for a bug that affected application compatibility, which was related to Microsoft Defender.

Below is a list of important changes that were also applied with the KB5030310 update.

Displaying websites in the “Recommended” section of the Start menu. These sites will be personalized to the user and will be generated based on browsing history. This gives quick access to sites that are important to the user. You can remove any website URL from the “Recommended” section using the shortcut menu. To disable the feature, just go to Settings > Personalization > Start. If you want, you can adjust the settings for all recommended content in the Start menu on this page. Fixed a bug affecting sleep mode. After resuming from standby, a blank window appears titled “Windows Sign-In Experience.” Resolved an issue related to changes in event routing. Fixed a bug affecting events that had a TAB character. Events were not rendered or could not be forwarded. Addressed an issue affecting XPath queries on FileHash and other binary fields. This prevented them from matching values ​​in event records. Fixed a bug affecting the Application Virtualization (App-V) environment. Copy operations within it stopped working. This occurred after installing the April 2023 update. Addressed an issue affecting Microsoft Print sending PDF. It used the metadata of the name you log in as the author of a printed PDF instead of using a display name. Fixed a bug affecting some USB printers. Microsoft Defender prevented printing. Addressed an issue affecting Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC). AppID tagging policies greatly increased time for the local computer. Fixed a bug affecting IMEPad. It stopped working. This occurred when entering end-user defined characters (EUDC). Resolved an issue affecting remote access applications. The display of some elements was not aligned correctly. Fixed a bug affecting Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC). The system ran out of memory. Fixed an issue that caused Windows to stop responding. It occurred when using Microsoft OneDrive files compressed by NTFS. Fixed a bug that caused memory leaks in user mode. It occurred when executing CopyFile() or MoveFile(). Addressed an issue affecting application compatibility. It was related to Microsoft Defender. Fixed a bug that affected external linking. Occurred after installing Windows updates dated May 2023 or later. This ended up causing issues affecting LDAP queries and authentication.

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How to download the update now

To get the performance improvements provided by the new Windows 11 update, follow these steps:

Step 01: Click the Windows flag below to open the start menu.

Step 02: Select the gear symbol in the left corner under the column.

Step 03: Scroll down and select “update and security”.

Step 04: Select “check for updates”.

Step 05: Select “Download and install” under updates.

Manually download and install update KB5030310

You can download the KB5030310 update for Windows 11 manually here. After accessing the Microsoft Update catalog page, follow the steps below.

Step 01: When you access the Microsoft Update catalog, there will be several updates available. You should find the patch compatible with the KB5030310 update for the version of Windows 11 that is on your computer.

Step 02: Select the “download” button next to the version of Windows 11 you want to download.

Step 03: Right click on the link and select “save as” to begin the download.

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