What’s the plan for Drew McIntyre after Survivor Series?

Photo credit: WWE

Drew McIntyre is our new WWE Champion following RAW on November 16, but what will his next step be after the Survivor Series? The question is valid.

This Sunday, he will face Roman Reigns for the Survivor Series and according to the Wrestling Observer, McIntyre should then begin a rivalry against Sheamus. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing a few behind-the-scenes segments between friends Sheamus as well as McIntyre, and the plan would be to see Sheamus betray McIntyre to make his way to a championship fight.

Since signing to WWE in 2007, Sheamus and McIntyre have only faced each other twice in solo fights. This story would be a new rivalry never seen between the two friends of the United Kingdom. We will now have to wait to see how this betrayal will arise between the two men.


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