WhatsApp activates the quick contact QR code for companies

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WhatsApp leaves hardly any money to Facebook, its owner company. As the chat service has been used for professional purposes, Advanced features designed to enhance conversations with trademarks have also appeared.. Now, you have activated new features to achieve this. One of them, the possibility of starting a chat with a company by scanning QR codes.

This function has begun to be implemented in the WhatsApp Business version, aimed at businesses that have 50 million registered users. The main novelty is to take advantage of the so-called QR codes to consult brand information. These codes are an evolution of the traditional barcode that, scanning it from the camera of a mobile phone, offer additional information or open a link.

These are “digital doors” that make it as easy as possible to start a chat with a company through, in this case, WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging application in the world. Until now, when users located a company that interested them, they had to add the number of that business to their contacts manually. From hour, to start a chat, users can simply scan this QR code that companies put in their stores, product packaging or purchase receipts to be able to communicate with them directly.

When the code is scanned a chat window will open with an optional message predetermined by the company to start the conversation. “Thanks to the application’s messaging tools, companies can quickly send information, such as their catalogs, and thus starting the dynamics of the conversationn », they point out in a release company sources.

These functions are the answer to the new needs of the consumers. «In order to help increase the visibility of these businesses and the thousands of larger companies that use the WhatsApp Business API, we are implementing new functions that will allow you to start a chat with a company through the“ app ”and see the products and services that it offers », they add. QR codes are available starting this week for companies that use the WhatsApp Business application.

Another WhatsApp news affects brand catalogs. It was a function that was already present, but now some aspects have been improved. They allow companies to display the products and services they offer, so They are a tool to help make sales concrete. Now, users can share it with their contacts.

“Since its launch last year, catalogs have become a popular way for users to get more information about companies,” they emphasize from the company, which gives some information: more than 40 million people consult the companies’ catalogs on WhatsApp every month. If users want to share a catalog or article with friends or family, they can simply copy the link and send it in the “app” or some other means.



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