WhatsApp allows screen sharing in video calls

2023-05-29 11:46:00

WhatsApp has implemented a new feature for video calls in the latest Android beta version, which allows users to share their screen with other participants during a call to be able to or display information or content with their contacts at that time.

the platform of instant messaging continues to add improvements to its ‘app’ with the aim of offering improvements in the video calls. This, in particular, is already used on other platforms that allow this type of communication, such as Discord and Skype.

So, WhatsApp has introduced the possibility of screen sharing in the video calls, an option currently available to some users through the beta version of Android, as WaBetaInfo has learned. This is a feature that allows you to display information, specific content or share data with the participants of a video call, instantly and from your own ‘smartphone’.

In order to start sharing the screen, the social network has introduced a new icon with the silhouette of a screen, which is located among the options that are displayed at the bottom of the screen during the video call.

When the user decides to share the screen, they only have to press said icon and everything that is displayed on their screen will begin to be recorded and shared with the users who are participating in the video call.

This portal has indicated that the possibility of screen sharing can only be carried out if the user gives their consent so that WhatsApp proceed to record the screen, so that the platform will send a notification indicating so.

Also, the user can end the screen sharing process at any time. Likewise, from WABetaInfo they warn that it is possible that this functionality may not reach groups with a large number of members and that users who do not have the most current version of the service will not be able to access them either.

In this same Android beta update, WhatsApp It has also implemented some changes related to the bottom navigation bar. In particular, the location of some tabs has been reorganized, which are now displayed in order of Chats, Calls, Communities and Status.

WABetaInfo has commented that these features are available to some beta testers after installing this latest version of the application for Android ‘smartphones’ and that it will reach other users in the coming weeks.

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