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Whatsapp announces that it is changing its terms of use and is annoying its users. Prominent alternative: the Signal app, which Elon Musk recommends and thus causes a stock market boom – even though the news service is not even on the stock exchange.

Whatsapp is the world’s leading news service provider with two billion users. Alternatives such as Telegram (500 million), Signal (10 million), Slack (10 million) or Threema (8 million) put the news service in the shade for a long time.

But the latest developments around Whatsapp, which has been part of the Facebook group since 2014, caused great resentment. Controversial changes to the terms of use have caused the download numbers of competing apps to rise rapidly in the last few days.

A Twitter call with consequences

The story began last week with a tweet from Tesla founder Elon Musk. He was annoyed about how Whatsapp dealt with user data. Musk wrote, “Using Signal,” another messaging app.

And the internationally sought-after whistleblower Edward Snowden immediately replied: Signal is safe. He uses the app every day and is not dead yet.

Plus of 12,000 percent

The appeal immediately left its mark on the stock exchange. Signal Advance shares rose from 60 cents to over $ 70 at times. This corresponds to an increase of 12,000 percent. But the crazy thing about it: The listed company Signal Advance, a manufacturer of medical technology, has nothing to do with the messaging service provider Signal Messenger.

Although the error has now been spotted, the stock is still trading around $ 10 after a brief collapse. And thus still many times higher than before Elon Musk’s tweet.

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