WhatsApp failures: What to do when messages are not notified to me?

The platform WhatsappIn addition to being the application with the most important and most used virtual messaging service around the world, like any other application, it has presented some slight failures, such as certain actions that, to users on the network, have left doubting on more than one occasion: the fact of receiving the messages, but no type of notification.

We can imagine this like this: you are busy doing housework, or your work, but at the same time you have an important conversation with someone, a friend, family member or your partner, then, you close the application and after a while you realize that your messages have not been answered.

What you don’t know is that, if they have been answered, but your application received a slight fault and it did not grant you any type of notification, and it is not until you open the application that you realize that you already have several messages from that person, or even from more users, which, as usual, may have been bothered by not responding quickly .

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This incident has caused innumerable problems, and of course this is very annoying for the thousands of Internet users who have to constantly log in and out of the application to check if someone has written to them or not.

Well, if you are within this group of people, we have some solutions with which you can try to fix the problem; As the main step to check that it is not a failure, you must check that the WIFI is activated, or, on the contrary, in case of not having a network, the mobile data.

It is also important to check that the option “Restrict background data” is deactivated from your mobile phone, to check that you have to go to the cell phone settings, enter the WhatsApp tab and there search for “Data usage”.

That is the simple way and it may solve your problem, however, in case even doing this, the error remains, do not worry, there are more ways to fix it.
If these resources have not solved the problem in question, it is also recommended to turn off the phone and wait at least a total of 30 seconds before turning it on again.

On the other hand, there is also the option to reset the preferences of all the applications, when performing a general reset of the applications of your cell phone, they will be as new, then the notifications should arrive again.

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Another option that can help you with this problem is to connect the phone to a power source, in order to avoid the battery saving function, a function that, if it is fulfilled, can deactivate the notifications of all the applications of your mobile.

It can also work that in case you are connected to WhatsApp Web, notifications on your cell phone sometimes do not arrive, since they go directly to the pc, what to do in those cases is, exit the session of your computer, and continue browsing from your mobile.

Another way to help get notifications is to directly uninstall any task manager from your cell phone.

As a last option, there is the one to open the Hangouts application and select the option to exit all your accounts, later you will have to enter all of them again, this for obvious reasons will restore the notifications of your applications.

Hopefully this information helps you with the problem, and you can easily fix it.


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