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Soon the WhatsApp update which includes a function that for many people could be a hard blow for the infidels: the multi-device option, which will allow you to use WhatsApp in the Web and Desktop version (the application for Windows and Mac) on up to four different devices, without the main phone being connected to the internet.

In this way, a person could (or another who has access to the phone) open WhatsApp in any of these options on a computer or tablet and have access to user conversations. Therefore, it will be the responsibility of each person to take care of their phone and be closing the active sessions on other devices, to avoid spying on your Whastapp.

How can you do that? We explain

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According to Wabetainfo, said multi-device function is already in final reviews to be presented soon.

In order to know which sessions are active on your WhatsApp on other devices or services, for Android phones, do the following:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web on your phone. Open WhatsApp and tap on the icon in the form of three dots on the top right and then on the ‘WhatsApp web’ option. There you will see a list with the devices where you have your WhatsApp session open. To close, tap on the name of the device and then on ‘Sign out’.

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If one person has access to another’s phone, and activates the synchronization of Whatsapp Web, Desktop or with the upcoming Multi-device option, you will have access to the conversations, something that some users have criticized for the security risk it entails. Ideally, keep an eye on the phone and review active sessions.

Be careful with storage

By using storage they can also know with whom a person chats the most on WhatsApp:

– In Android: go to Settings, Storage and data; and tap on Manage Storage. There appear, first, the files received in the chat that occupy the most storage space on the phone (which you can delete incidentally to recover storage capacity on your phone) and below that the chats (group or individual) where those come from. larger files.

Namely, the people or groups with whom more than one person chat, because the amount of messages (text, images, voice notes, photos, videos) takes up more space. So delete the chats to make it appear that you are not chatting with that person, checking the storage may or may not be corroborated that information.

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