WhatsApp: how to search for a message by date

How to find messages by date on WhatsApp. (photo: Composition/Infobae)

A section that was not optimized at all in WhatsApp was the ability to find messages within the app. The current options were anything but intuitive and effective. Therefore, it is not surprising that users have long been demanding improvements in this area. The company owned by Meta seems up to the task and has begun to test a new option in this sense.

The new one trial version from WhatsApp to iOS ( has added a well-known feature that many users will surely like: the option to search by date.

This function must have been present in the clients of this messaging app for a long time, but until now, for one reason or another, it was not included in the trial versions. Something that will change from today, luckily for many of course.

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How to locate messages by date in WhatsApp

The truth is that the implementation is quite curious and well thought out. Once the content search interface is opened (open a chat > ​​click on the name of the contact/group > tap on ‘Search’), in the area where you can see the keyboard, just above it appears a calendar icon and one earth

When pressed, the bottom interface turns into a system of wheels that move and allow the user to set the selected day, month, and year. Thus, the day on which the conversation took place can be defined fairly quickly. There is a large blue button at the bottom to end this quest.

Find message by date in WhatsApp.  (photo: WABetaInfo)
Find message by date in WhatsApp. (photo: WABetaInfo)

With the search filter it is possible to find the messages that were sent on the chosen days: WhatsApp allows you to go directly to the dates just by selecting them from the calendar. It’s a very convenient way to jump through time without having to scroll the chat window manually.

The novelty came to WhatsApp, but for now only in the beta of iPhone. Soon it will land in the beta version of Android, after which it will make its way to the respective stable versions. It seems like a small change, but in tests by Infobae, the truth is that it turned out to be really useful, especially in groups where there is a large accumulation of messages.

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How to create a chat with yourself on WhatsApp

The complexities of creating a group or trying to link chat between the web and mobile app are over. This tool has a simple and familiar process to use so that all users can take advantage of it in their own way. To open this chat, the initial process is as follows:

– Open WhatsApp.

– go to button Chats on the inside right.

– There the contact list will open and the options to create a new group or community will appear at the top, just below that it will appear our contact with current profile photo, name and a ‘you’ to indicate that it is your own chat.

– Click on that chat.

– A conversation will open like any other and you only have to send a first message to create it.

The application already allows you to create a chat with yourself to send content.
The application already allows you to create a chat with yourself to send content.

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