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WhatsApp is improving its user experience and the facilities to share content with ‘sister’ apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

One of the facilities is the possibility of share states of WhatsApp in the stories of Facebook. It is an option that works for both Android how to iPhone.

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To do that you just have to follow the following Steps:

1. Open WhatsApp

2 .. Touch ‘States’

3. Create a state. It can be an image or a text.

4. Once published, you have two options:

How to share the same statuses on Facebook

– Touch the option ‘Share in Facebook story’, which will appear just below the newly created status. Once you touch the option, the app will redirect you to Facebook and you just have to select the ‘Share now’ button. Remember that the app will offer you the option of controlling who you see your status with.

– Touch the three dots that appear next to your status. Select the option ‘Share on Facebook’ and follow the process.

5. After all these steps, you will be able to return to your WhatsApp account.

Note that:

– If you have several States on WhatsApp, you must specifically select which one or which you want to share on Facebook.

– The trick only works if you have the Facebook app (or Facebook Lite) on your cell phone on your cell phone.

Can I do the same with other apps?

Also know that you can also share that status on Instagram (as a story or as a post). For that, you must click on the three points already mentioned and select the option ‘Share’.

This action also works with other apps, For example, with the same ‘Share’ option you can send the State as an image by email.

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